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Moondance Jam
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July 16-18, 2020 - Walker, MN

38 Special

VOCALS: Donnie VanZant
GUITAR: Danny Chauncey
BASS: Larry Junstrom
Larry Junstrom
DRUMS: Gary Moffatt

38 Special
The VanZants

1981 Fantasy Girl
1981 Hold On Loosely
1982 Caught Up In You
1982 You Keep Runnin' Away
1983 If I'd Been The One
1984 Back Where You Belong
1984 Teacher Teacher
1986 Four Wheels
1986 Heart's on Fire
1986 Somebody Like You
1987 Back to Paradise
1988 Rock and Roll Strategy
1989 Second Chance
1991 The Sound of Your Voice

5 Top 40 Albums


After more than two decades together, 38 SPECIAL is still playing more than 100 shows per year. And at every one of them, thousands of audience members are completely blindsided by the power and muscle of the band's performance. "When we come out, people are like, 'Whoa! It's like a freight train rolling over them'" says vocalist/guitarist DON BARNES. While most associate the group with its arena-rock '80s pop smashes, these days the band's harder edge is what is immediately noticeable. Barnes says it's all about maintaining the intensity that they deliver in their live shows.

Since 1975, the band has released more than 15 albums and from the start, they've toured relentlessly. And the magic's still there, says Van Zant. "It's a high I can't describe to you. It's almost like flying. When I walk up those steps to that stage and hear that audience roar, sometimes I feel like Don and I don't even have to sing, because the crowds are so vocal."

Says Barnes, "We've always carried an attitude that we're going out there to win and God help whoever has to follow us, you know? We've never taken a backseat to anyone. We take the crowd for a ride and try to end up triumphant every night. And since we've had the good fortune to have a lot of hit songs over the years, we just line 'em up and shoot 'em down. By the end of the show, they're completely exhausted along with us."

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