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REO Speedwagon

  Kevin Cronin
  Neal Doughty
  Dave Amato
  Bryan Hitt
  Bruce Hall

REO Speedwagon

13 Top 40 Hits (2 #1)
6 Top 40 Albums (1 #1)

1977 Ridin' The Storm Out
1978 Roll With The Changes
1978 Time For Me To Fly
1981 Don't Let Him Go
1981 In Your Letter
1981 Keep On Loving You
1981 Take It On The Run
1982 Keep The Fire Burnin'
1982 Sweet Time
1984 I Do' Wanna Know
1985 Can't Fight This Feeling
1985 Live Every Moment
1985 One Lonely Night
1987 In My Dreams
1987 That Ain't Love
1987 Variety Tonight
1988 Here With Me
1990 Love Is a Rock

REO Speedwagon - 2007

The latest chapter of REO history began in the spring of 2000 when the band joined forces with fellow Midwest rockers, Styx, for a sold-out, nationwide, co-headline tour. The band members became such good friends and the tour was such a success, that the tour was captured on a live CD and DVD entitled “Arch Allies”. The bands appeared together on “The Today Show”, VH1 and on numerous syndicated radio shows. Together, the bands organized a series of concerts to benefit the New York Port Authority Police and the families of the officers who lost their lives in the September 11 attacks. REO and Styx continue to pack venues across the country whenever they appear together in concert.

Over the following two years, REO Speedwagon toured non-stop, playing all the usual concert stops, but also getting back to the band’s roots in small town America. “These are the people who supported our music from the beginning. This is REO country”, says Kevin Cronin. These are the people who sing along every night to the songs he has written such as the number one hits, “Can’t Fight This Feeling” and “Keep On Loving You”, as well as the classics “Roll With The Changes”, “Keep Pushin’”, “Time For Me To Fly”, “Riding The Storm Out” and “Take It On The Run”.

During this time, the band was honored with a “Behind The Music” special on VH1. Kevin Cronin was a guest panelist on “Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher”; he came in a close second on “Rock ‘n Roll Jeopardy”, and was interviewed by his old buddy Howard Stern on the “Howard Stern Show”.

In 2003 REO joined fellow classic rockers Journey and old friends Styx for the “Main Event Tour”, a tour of the arenas which they had all been filling since the late ‘70’s. The tour was an incredible success and generated an abundance of positive press. Yes, even members of the sometimes antagonistic rock press had to finally admit that REO had “kept their standards extremely high”, and were “thrilling their fans night after night with their incredible power, sheer energy, and songs that will live forever”.

As much as the band loves touring the country playing their “nothing but hits” live shows, it is new songs which have been the lifeblood of REO since its first album in 1971. Between shows of the “Main Event Tour”, in hotel rooms across the country, the inspiration struck and the band members began writing in earnest.

The band began introducing these new songs into their live shows and the fan reaction was positive. Thus the new album was born.

While not touring, the band has been in the studio for the last 18 months working on their first CD of new songs since 1996’s “Building The Bridge”.

“It has been an intense few years, crazy years for me, but that’s when I usually do my best writing”, says Cronin. “All of us have been going through some big time changes, and it shows in our performances on the new record.”

The band has teamed up with producer, keyboard whiz and all around musical genius Joe Vannelli (Gino’s brother and musical partner). “Joe has brought a musicality to the new songs which is thrilling”, says Cronin. “Dave is playing with such amazing versatility, using all his vast arsenal of guitars and amps, Bruce and Bryan who have always been such a powerhouse rhythm section, have never played tighter or stronger together. And Joe’s keyboard ideas are taking our music to places we’ve never been before and will allow Neal to take those ideas to our live shows”.

The band is putting the finishing touches on the new album. The record will be released, “when all the pieces are in place, and the time is right…” which most likely translates to late 2006 or early 2007. The buzz in the REO camp is unmistakable. It is a familiar feeling for this band, one they felt in 1978 during the sessions for their classic album “You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fish” and again three years later when they released the 10 million selling “Hi Infidelity”.

Lead Singer and principle songwriter. He joined the group in 1972 in time for the band's second album, REO/TWO A year later, he left to pursue a solo career. Cronin returned to the fold in time for 1977's Live: You Get What You Play For, the band's first million-selling album.

Keyboard player and founding member. A versatile musician, Doughty plays the organ as well as piano and synthesizers.

Bass player extraordinaire. He joined REO in 1976 when he was playing in a bar band in Champaign, IL, the same musical scene that spawned REO Speedwagon.

The man who keeps the beat. He joined REO in 1990 after enjoying success with Wang Chung.

Lead Guitarist. He joined REO in 1989 after playing with Ted Nugent and Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora.

Did You Know?

  • Hi Infidelity was the #1 selling rock album of 1981. The album spent 32 weeks in the top 10 and peaked at #1.
  • REO performed at Live Aid in 1985.
  • The band took their name from the REO Speed Wagon, a truck made by the REO Motor Car Company.
  • The initials REO stand for Ransom Eli Olds, who went on to form Oldsmobile.
    REO had 3 different singers on their first 3 albums.
  • Bruce Hall handles lead vocals on the song Back On The Road Again.
  • Kevin Cronin has been the lead singer for REO for two time periods, leaving in 1972 but returning in 1976.
  • The studio version of Ridin' The Storm Out is sung by Mike Murphy, but Cronin recorded a version first with the band that has never been on an album.
  • REO and Styx released a live CD/DVD called Arch Allies in 2000 which had been recorded in St. Louis.
  • 1978's You Can Tuna Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish was the band s first studio album to go platinum.
  • Dave Amato played with Ted Nugent and toured with Cher before joining REO.
  • Drummer Bryan Hitt performed on tour for Wang Chung.
  • Cronin wrote the band's first top 40 hit Roll With The Changes and their first #1 hit Keep On Lovin' You.
  • REO sang the national anthem at opening day for both the Cardinals and Royals this year.
  • Keyboardist Neal Doughty's lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • REO has sold over 22 million albums.



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