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Moody Blues drummer shares insight about group

by Robby Robinson
Bemidji Pioneer

Sunday, July 15, 2007

WALKER — For a man in his mid-60s, Moody Blues drummer Graeme Edge said he has a pretty good life.

The three months of touring every year can still be grueling, he said. He’s away from home and often taking long plane trips that he says can be tough but he loves being with the band and still making the music.

Edge and the other main members of the 40-year-old band, Justin Hayward and John Lodge, performed this weekend at Moondance Jam near Walker.

The Moody Blues got its start in 1967 when the group’s full-length album, “Days of Future Passed,” was released. It fused rock and roll with a full orchestra, which was considered a groundbreaking innovation at the time and included two top hits: “Tuesday Afternoon” and “Nights in White Satin.” Other top hits include “Question,” “The Story in Your Eyes,” “Your Wildest Dreams” and “I’m Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band.”

Edge said the group’s success was due to a lot of work and the willingness at the time to try something new and express the creativity their generation had granted them.

“We British bands got a good break when the Beatles hit America,” said Edge. “It opened the door for all of us to America.”

He said their annual schedule includes a winter tour in January and February, mainly at numerous casinos; a summer tour which takes in music fests and other outdoor events; and an autumn tour that takes them to the Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

“Those 20-hour flights are a bit hard to take but, altogether, I have a pretty good life, working just about three-months a year and spending the other nine months primarily near my home in Florida, where I fish and enjoy the weather. I’m not a cold weather fan.”

He added that both of his children are grown and have successful careers and he is living by himself.

“It wouldn’t be so great of a life if I and Justin and John didn’t get along so well,” he said. Although the band has no current plans for any new CDs, Edge said it isn’t out of the question.

“We all share the love of the music and enjoy performing it. We generally play what the audience wants to hear.”