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Moondance Jam Rockin' 18  Camping Contest

2009 CAMPING CONTEST THEME: "Rockin' 18"

Yabba dabba doo! We saw quite a few Flintstone themed sites for Rockin' 18 and it was the "Bedrockers" from South Wooded Reserved edging out "Camp Bedrock" from North Wooded reserved for the Camping Contest Grand Champion. If you were in the concert area on Saturday, you saw them on stage with the backstage passes that they won for the Grand Funk performance. "Holidaze" in General also put together a pretty sweet site of their own, becoming the first Christmas themed site to win any camping contest awards. All three campsites received six tickets to Moondance Jam 19!

  • 1st Place: Bedrockers (South Wooded Reserved)
  • 2nd Place: Camp Bedrock (North Wooded Reserved)
  • 3rd Place: Holidaze (General)

2009 Camping Contest Video

2009 Camping Contest Winners

1st Place: Bedrockers
1st Place: Bedrockers
(in South Wooded Reserved)

2nd Place: Camp Bedrock
2nd Place: Camp Bedrock
(in North Wooded Reserved)

3rd Place: Holidaze
3rd Place: Holidaze
(in General)


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